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September 8, 2023

Jackie Andres

All images © Studio Ghibli

Iconic Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki once again crafts an otherworldly landscape filled with mystery and wonder in his highly-anticipated new film, The Boy and the Heron. Nearing the end of his decades-long career, the Studio Ghibli (previously) director has hinted that this may be his last movie. As a result, an air of mystery has surrounded The Boy and the Heron for some time, but just this week, U.S. audiences were treated with an official trailer.

Upon this first look at footage, small blobbed creatures float into the sky, a woman liquifies to the touch, a large fire glows as it encases an inviting figure, and dozens of frogs clutch onto the protagonist. Viewers are welcomed into Miyazaki’s world imbued with hope, despair, creation, and fantastical encounters, all of which are familiar to Ghibli lovers and exhibit the enigmatic culmination of his legacy. Ultimately, the trailer leaves those watching with a mystifying final note, “Where death comes to an end, life finds new beginning.”

The Boy and the Heron is set to release in theaters nationwide on December 8.


A large fire glows as it encases an inviting figure. It reaches a hand outward.

Small blobbed creatures float into the sky

Several frogs clutch onto a boy's face.

Strips of cloths fly into a boy's face, covering it.

#Studio Ghibli


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