“The Last Gundam” by Artist Nicolás Romero Escalada

by The Insights

A selection of new works by artist Nicolás Romero Escalada (previously featured here). Born in Buenos Aires and currently based in Madrid, Romero’s latest exhibition represents the end of a series that emerged from months of confinement during the pandemic. Caught in an artist residency in Barcelona, Romero drew on memories to create a record of his own consumption. Rewriting the present in an effort to connect to a foreign environment, the collection hints toward a not-so-distant future that parallels the human and environmental challenges of our own world:

“The gundams are an exercise of fusion of two times. The first one has to do with my childhood in Argentina where anime and comics represented my transition between childhood and adulthood. But they also show the context of the 90’s in Argentina with a globalized, privatized and imported economy where the objects I consumed came from all over the world. The construction of my identity grew to a certain extent, in parallel with the beginnings of the global consumer culture…. I retake that childhood experience to represent my migration from Argentina to Spain. These contemplations are a way of seeing and recording the new world around me…. I invite the viewer to reflect on the relationship between past and present, identity and migration, as well as resistance and transformation in an infinitely globalized world.”

See more images from “The Last Gundam” below or on display at Ting Ting Art Space in Taipei until September 29th.

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