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#Adam G.

August 30, 2023

Grace Ebert

All images © TRÜF Creative, shared with permission

Using his signature messy-modernist style and a palette of red and black, Adam G. (previously) of the Santa Monica-based studio TRÜF Creative pieces together a minimal menagerie. Tiny dots top the ends of a cat’s whiskers, chunky stripes form the belly of a bee, and a toucan perches on a single leg made from an incredibly thin line.

Part of the series Animalia, the creatures shown here were created as a challenge to “loosen up my branding design and tighten my art compositions,” Adam G. says. “I’m always searching to find the balance and blurred line between design and fine art. Since design can be so mechanical, I love taking the defined and often stiff geometry and rules that I use in my visual identity work and then seeing how I can add some fun and whimsy to it all.”

Animalia follows a similar collection of creatures found on land and sea, and prints are available in the messymod shop. Adam G. recently worked on a variety of commissions, including a pair of illustrations for DAR Chocolate and editorial projects for The Infamous and Road & Track. Find more of his lively illustrations on Instagram and Behance.


A frog with black spots and a red stripe

A crab made of black and red shapes

A cat like animal made of black and red shapes

A rabbit made of black and red shapes

A monkey made of black and red shapes

A duck made of black and red shapes

Two bees made of black and red shapes atop red flowers

A toucan made of black and red shapes

#Adam G.


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