Is this the PS5 Slim?

by The Insights

Image: BwE (X)

Sony has been rumored to be working on a revision of the PlayStation 5, often referred to as the PS5 Slim, that includes a removable disc drive. Now images and a video have leaked of a PS5 model that looks slimmer and slightly shorter, and may well have a removable disc drive.

The first image leaked of the rumored PS5 Slim in a Chinese forum earlier today, and now a leaked video provides a better look at this rumored device. The video, from Better Way Electronics, an Australian PlayStation repair specialist, shows off the plastic case of a potential future model of the PS5. It has a bulge for the disc drive, a curve in the middle with a smaller space for vents, two slits on each side of the case, and dual USB-C ports on the front instead…

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