Tickets to see Lionel Messi play for Miami go up to $450

by The Insights

Ticket prices for Inter Miami road games have skyrocketed since Lionel Messi announced his intention to join the Major League Soccer team.

The cheapest tickets to see Inter Miami play at Los Angeles Football Club in September are listed at over $450 on resale platform SeatGeek Inc’s website. Prices for other Los Angeles games are under $40 $.

Tickets to see the team play the New York Red Bulls in August were priced at $355, compared to less than $20 for other New York games.

The 35-year-old World Cup winner said on Wednesday he would join the MLS squad in a blow to Saudi Arabia’s hopes of hosting another footballing superstar. Messi is being offered profit-sharing deals with Adidas and Apple, Athletic have reported, and could get a stake in Inter Miami.

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