“The Sea The Sea” by artist Claire Cansick

by The Insights

A selection of paintings by artist Claire Cansick. Cansick lives and works in the Norfolk Broads National Park in England. His work is inspired by the dynamism of nature, often demanding a certain respect by confronting the viewer with its indomitable ferocity. For this particular series, Cansick attempts to capture the look and feel of the waves washing over her as she swims in the North Sea. While starting small, the current project is growing and currently includes a 122 x 304 cm diptych:

“As a swimmer in the freezing and bloody North Sea, I came across an old waterproof camera which I use to take grainy images of waves trying to drown me. My work has now turned to these thousands of images and am currently embarking on a major work on the aforementioned intimidating waves, with one caveat – no blue allowed. A passionate hatred of the sickly blue paints of the sea and the fact that the North Sea is definitely green fuels this series.

See more images from “The Sea The Sea” below.

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