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The human concept of time is limited. We often think in hours, days and years, units of measurement understandable when considering our lives or those of past generations. Even decades and centuries, however, are only a tiny fraction in the timeline of the universe and are totally inadequate to assess a history of nearly 14 billion years.

A new short from Alex Gorosh (previously) and Wylie Overstreet (previously) helps visualize the vastness of cosmic creation beyond the clock and calendar. Four years in the making, “To Scale: TIME” takes the filmmakers on a 4.3-mile stretch through the arid Mojave Desert, where they set up small lights to create a timeline of human civilization and the larger universe. wide. Augmented with visuals of galaxies and historical events, the resulting work captures the magnitude of 13.8 billion years and is an awe-inspiring reminder of how small humans are in time and space.

Watch the humble movie on YouTube, where Gorosh and Overstreet also share a making-of video that documents their process. “To Scale: TIME” is the second project in the duo’s series of model-based works and follows their striking visualization of the solar system.

a gif showing a timeline

a still from the Mojave Desert with text saying "timeline of the universe 13,800,000,000 years 6.9 km (4.3 mi)"

#Alex Gorosh #landscape #short film #time #Wylie Overstreet

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