The Google Pixel 7a is available now. Here are the best deals on the new budget phone.

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UPDATE: May. October 10, 2023, 5:22 p.m. EDT This story has been updated with the latest and greatest pre-order deals on the new Google Pixel 7a.

Google’s line of budget smartphones is (maybe, maybe(opens in a new tab)) Going out with a bang.

Announced at the company’s annual I/O conference on Wednesday and available now, the new Google Pixel 7a is a 6.1-inch handset that’s basically just a smaller, cheaper version of the excellent flagship Pixel 7 model from last year. It brings several firsts for the Pixel A series, including a face unlock feature, wireless charging, and a 90Hz refresh rate, and it’s priced at $499 for 128GB of storage — that’s only $50. $ more than the 2022 Pixel 6a.


Google Pixel 7 announced at I/O 2023, and it’s available now

It’s an ultra-affordable smartphone right off the bat, but you can make it even more so by taking advantage of these deals from major retailers and carriers:

Google Pixel 7a deals on Amazon

You’ll get a free $50 gift card and a 90-day trial of its Music Unlimited streaming service (a $32.97 value) if you order your Pixel 7a through Amazon.

Google Pixel 7a deals at AT&T

AT&T customers can get a Pixel 7a for just $2/month (normally $14.45/month) when they pay on a 36-month installment plan and sign up for an eligible unlimited plan – no trade-ins required.

Google Pixel 7a deals at Best Buy

Best Buy is offering a free $50 gift card on top of a $50 discount — just activate your Pixel 7a the same day you buy it there.

Google Pixel 7a deals in the Google Store

Buy the Pixel 7a directly from the Google Store (where it’s available in an exclusive coral color) to get a free limited-edition phone case and a free pair of $99 Google Pixel Buds A-Series(opens in a new tab). These are a 2021 release that earned a 4.25/5-star review from Mashable tech reporter Alex Perry, who praised their comfortable fit and “really good sound.”

Google Pixel 7a deals at T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s Pixel 7a landing page features an offer where you can get one “free” (in the form of 24 refunded monthly bill credits) if you add a new line or trade in an eligible device on an eligible plan. It’s not live yet, but we’ll update this story when that changes.

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