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#humor #murals #street art

Victoria Villasana, Picasso’s Arena near Paris. All images courtesy of Joseph Ford, shared with permission

What would artists create if every surface in the world could become a canvas? Joseph Ford—of Invisible sweaters fame—answers this question in a new project called impossible street art. In collaboration with eight artists, including Peeta (previously), Levalet (previously) and Victoria Villasana (previously), Ford reimagines the possibilities of public spaces otherwise inaccessible due to scale, security concerns or restrictions.

To begin the project, Ford photographed the locations, which include the Pantheon, the Seven Sisters cliffs in Sussex and the center of a freeway in Los Angeles, then handed enlarged prints to the artists. Once their additions were complete, he went back to the original sites and documented the changed images from the original backdrop. Playful and imaginative, the juxtaposed photos envisage “a parallel universe where (the artists) have total artistic freedom”.

Buy the limited-edition prints and get a behind-the-scenes look at Ford’s process on their site.

An image of a man sprinkling water from a dam in a photo of a dam, in front of the dam

Levalet, Brighton Marina, UK

An image of a figure hanging from the edge of the Pantheon in a photo of the Pantheon, in front of the Pantheon

Ador, The Pantheon, Paris

An image of a three-dimensional geometric sculpture protruding from a building in a photo of the building, in front of the building

Peeta, Shoreham Cement Works

A mural of penguins clinging to the side of the cliff in a photo of the cliff, in front of the cliff

Ador, Seven Sisters, UK

An image of typographic frescoes on a facade in a photo of the building, in front of the building

Denis Meyers, National Theater London

A fresco in the middle of a viaduct on a photo of the viaduct, position in front of the viaduct

JanIsDeMan, Balcome Viaduct, UK

A typographic mural on the median of a busy freeway on a photo of the freeway, in front of the freeway

Morley, Los Angeles

#humor #murals #street art

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