‘Homosexuality disorder…threat to society’, ‘children of delinquent gay couple’: RSS affiliate ‘investigation’ at SC – Reuters

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  1. ‘Homosexuality disorder…threat to society’, ‘gay couple’s children are delinquent’: RSS affiliate ‘investigation’ at SCThe Indian Express
  2. “Homosexuality is a disorder that will increase if same-sex marriage is legalized”: RSS Body SurveyNDTV
  3. ‘Homosexuality is a disorder, it will increase further if…’: RSS body survey of same-sex marriage casesNews18
  4. Homosexuality, a ‘disorder’, will rise if… : RSS body survey amid SC same-sex marriage hearingIndia today
  5. “Homosexuality, a disorder, will increase if same-sex marriage is legalized”: RSS surveyHindustan time
  6. See full coverage on Google News

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