Dril is now on Bluesky

by The Insights

The invite-only, decentralized Twitter alternative has been gaining momentum in recent days — I’ve seen a lot of people I follow on the bird-themed social network start popping up on Bluesky. But the Twitter clone might really start to look like a new Twitter now that Dril, the Twitter legend who recently gave an interview as a real human being, has officially joined the platform.

There’s nothing on Dril’s Bluesky profile that makes it clear that it’s really him. (He didn’t link a domain name to his username, for example.) Dril posted once, but it’s an extremely work-dangerous post that I won’t include here. But Paul Frazee, staff engineer at Bluesky, confirmed on Thursday that the Dril profile @dril.bsky.social is the real deal.

Screenshot by Jay Peters/The Verge

Dril’s appearance is also notable because he’s been on Twitter lately and has been a leading advocate for the #BlockTheBlue campaign to block people with Twitter Blue verification checkmarks. I don’t know if Dril is going to move full time to Bluesky – I honestly doubt he will in the short term given that the platform is not yet publicly available – but if Dril stops posting on Twitter, I bet you can find his shitposts on Bluesky.

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