The perfect Lego Nintendo Game Boy does not exist…

by The Insights

Nick Lever, video editor and Lego Masters Australia runner-up, has recreated the original Nintendo Game Boy in bricks – and with such slobbery depth that I hereby ask Lego to make it an official set.

It’s only 364 pieces, just 115 different pieces, most common enough that you can find them very cheaply. Almost every recognizable facet of the Game Boy is represented, from the slanted grain of rice Start/Select buttons to the distinctive screen hue – achieved here by placing lime green tiles below a trans-blue window.

While there’s no removable battery tray or front speaker, you can indeed press down on the D-pad and click a “cartridge”. You might also want to take a look at those A and B buttons…

The one exception to the “keep building cheap” rule is this 6×6 lime green tile. “It used to be $0.40, but now they’re sold out worldwide thanks to my stupid build,” Lever said. The edge. But it says you can just use three 2×6 lime green tiles instead.

“The angle on the Start/Select killed me, and the way they don’t quite come out of a half stud,” says Lever. His instructions are detailed!
Image: Nick Lever

With just this one adjustment to my BrickLink cart, it looks like I could spend as little as $42 before taxes and shipping to buy all the parts I need. He sells the instructions for $5.65 at Rebrickable (which can also auto-fill your BrickLink cart), in case you want to do the same.

This isn’t Lever’s first stab at the Game Boy; next time, he says he might try to build the one that survived the Gulf War bombings.

Here is a photo I took of this Game Boy when I visited the Nintendo Store in New York.
Photo by Sean Hollister/The Verge

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