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If you started a band today, what would you call it? And who else would be in it? You have the right to steal famous people from other groups if you want.

Let’s put together a list of all-star celebrities from other fields who have dipped into the music game with varying levels of success. Paris Hilton, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, William Shatner, Shaq. It will be an acapella group called Don’t Quit Ur Day Job (*DQUDJ for the real fans).

I think the last time I interviewed you were 5 years ago. How has your work changed during this time?

I guess 5 years ago I was an artist whose work “lived” on social media. Like a lot of my work was made specifically for tumblr, instagram and twitter. It was an endless cycle of artistic creation, publication and disappearance 24 hours later. A little exhausting. Since then, I think social media has become a less hospitable and exciting place to be an artist in some ways. So I focus more on longer projects like books, TV, video games, things that can last a bit longer for a while instead of being an item that disappears 48 hours longer late.

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