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March 18, 2023

Grace Ebert

Halibut. All images courtesy of Burley and the National Park Service

If angling isn’t your forte, the National Park Service has a solution for bringing in your next big catch. Swap your fishing line for yarn and crochet halibut or walleye with simple patterns courtesy of ranger Hailey Burley. Referencing the aquatic inhabitants of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and Voyageurs National Park, the DIY projects offer a fun way to engage with the environment and the creatures living in these areas.

The two freshwater fish are part of a growing collection of designs designed by rangers, including a round, ridged pillow to mimic the lava flow at El Malpais National Monument and another to sew the crustacean known as Triops name.

Burley tells Colossal that she is working in Glacier Bay National Park this summer and hopes to release additional designs reflecting the Alaskan environment. Keep an eye on the service’s site for updates.

A picture of a hand holding a crochet walleye


A photo of Ranger Hailey Burley holding a hooked walleye

Crochet Walleye Burley

A photo of a person lying on a crocheted pillow

Lava flow pillow

#crochet #DIY #fish

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