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A selection of recent paintings by Danish-born artist Kristian Touborg. Currently based in Copenhagen, Touborg paints with a keen sensitivity to the world around him. The works in his latest exhibition, “Dandelion”, offer interpretations of luminous, shimmering surfaces that combine Touborg’s everyday experiences with computer-generated aesthetics. According to Touborg, what defines us as individuals is our acceptance of the fragility of life. However, rather than dwelling on the discomfort of this fundamental vulnerability and lack of control, Touborg sees in it the very impulse of creativity and the discovery of new processes. For Touborg, the ordinary is not only beautiful; the simple things in life, like family and our social connections, are precious and valuable:

“Dandelions cannot be found in flower shops. Instead, they grow in the cracks of the concrete gutter and as weeds in well-kept gardens, an alien flower, unpolished but particularly delicate and genuine I find them utterly alluring because of their honest, bare presence – wherever they can grow, they will – natural and tireless, insisting on making us see the fragile beauty in the raw ordinary. very clearly with what I’m trying to do as a painter.

See more images below or discover “Dandelion” exhibited at the Newchild Gallery in Belgium until March 16!

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